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Anonymous said:
❝ And you think you can jack? -3 ❞

Maybe. -Jack

Anonymous said:
❝ Im 15 -3 ❞

Good for you. I’m 318. -Jack

Shut UP jack. -Merida

Sorry we haven’t been posting. We’ve been busy. -Punz

But we’re up for questions now! -Merida

Anonymous said:
❝ Realllyyy?!? That'd be so cool!! -3 ❞

I suppose it would. I’d have fun. -Jack

Anonymous said:
❝ I hope you don't mind me asking but, is it bad that i'm afraid of moths? All of my friends make fun of me for it, but i can't help that i'm afraid of them. Is it weird that i am?-3 ❞

Moth’s huh? -Merida

Everyone’s afraid of something! -Rapunzel

Don’t be afraid of them, they won’t hurt you. -Jack

How old were you again? -Hiccup

❝ *tips hat* For all of you: Let's say you are all gonna have a picnic! What would each of you bring? And, where would you all want the picnic to be? ❞

Meat pies. Pie’s in general. Jack loves them. -Rapunzel

I would have it behind the chamber. There’s a nice field behind it with the ocean. It’s a really pretty sight. - Merida.

I don’t need to eat anything so… - Jack

He’d probably freeze the food…. - Hiccup

So probably just pies. - All

Anonymous said:
❝ Jack? You are awesome. You are my hero.-3 ❞

You want to follow in my footsteps?I’ll gladly teach you! -Jack

Pfft. - Merida.

Yeah. - Hiccup.




Berk’s next top model 

❝ Who is more immature? Which ones are touchy feely with the others? What color are your guys undies? Most embarrassing memory with each other? Any romantic feelings in the group? Parents feelings about the group? Sleep overs? Worse dares given to each other? I shall come back with more soon ❞

Jacks the most immature. He always runs around when were busy.Rapunzel is the one who clings to us. She’s too paranoid. She thinks we’re going to get caught.-Merida

I always cause a snowstorm whenever someone tries looking for us.-Jack

Our underwear is not of your concern. And an embarrassing memory of mine is i got blood stuck on my face for a day and i had to stay home from school. Jack wouldnt shut up about it.-Hiccup

They think that we’re VERY close friends. They don’t mind. Besides, my family doesn’t care about me. I stay with Merida. -Rapunzel

Sleepovers? How do you think we get to bash peoples head in?duh.-Merida

We’ve never had a dare we didn’t do.-Jack

"Other than these guys here, i kill anyone who gets in my way."-Hiccup

We're forced to be normal, go to school,have friends,hobbies....but we're different. We have different kind of friends..hobbies...
We live in a deranged age.